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if you are looking to buy something for your halloween, here you got $5 free to buy an image from graphicleftovers. Just sign up with the promo code and you got $5 immediately in your account.

Promo code: free5

type in during register, as coupon code.

Best time to sign up with here! Graphicleftovers


Yaymicro is located in Oslo, Norway. As a young stock agency, it is growing and getting more attentions from sellers and buyers.

yaymicro is starting an affliate program. You can earn by telling people about this website! click the link below to registered and get the free image and discounts!

you’ll get 1 credit added to your account, that allowing you to download 1 free image, in web-size. You’ll also get a 20% discount on your first purchase, no matter what or when you buy!

click here to check out the website to get the free image and browse through those images and illustrations.

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Halloween cartoons!

There are some nice illustrations for your coming halloween, available at graphicleftovers, you can buy it with affordable price, eps vector format and high resolution jpeg. Here are a few I like:

Royalty-Free Vectors and Images

Royalty-Free Vectors and Images

Royalty-Free Vectors and Images

Royalty-Free Vectors and Images

Royalty-Free Vectors and Images

Royalty-Free Vectors and Images

There are quite a few source to get free stock photos and illustrations.

Here are a few stock agencies that offer free photos.


Dreamstime had a free stock image library too, offered by contributors, it is full size image but the license is as Limited Royalty Free Licenses (RF-LL).

What is that different from RF license? as explanations from their website, this RF-LL is as The high resolution images downloaded from the free section may be used under the terms mentioned for the regular Royalty Free license, with a single additional restriction: the maximum amount of copies is limited to 10,000 copies. If you exceed this amount and you already purchased credits you may request to download the image under the regular RF license.

check out Dreamstime free images!

Royalty Free Images


123rf had a selection of free stock image, but it is only available for small size, that’s around 400 x 300 px, good enough for a blog or website usage.

If you need a bigger size or vector format then you have an option to buy from it.

take a look at 123rf free stock images.

Just to share something about microstock, I guess some of you are contributing it so but if you haven’t heard about it you may try it out.

basically it is selling images through all these website, each image will be sold at a range of price depends on how it is used, for website or for publications. Anyway, i think it is proved that it works and one can generate some incomes by uploading your pictures there. However, i think only these few websites works, especially for beginners.

Basically image requirements are 6MP image, 3000×2000 or above, JPG. If you intend to submit it, try taken with low ISO with less noise. If there it is a studio shoot, you need to upload model release for people, and property release for items. no commercial logo or patent design in images, use photoshop to remove sign or logo if possible. For travel or outdoor shoots with recognised face, if you don’t have model release it is possible to upload as editorial usage for some website.

All website accepts illustration too, like vectors and JPG image done by photoshop or other application. There are some requirements for vectors, let me know if you are an illustrators. I can tell you more.

It takes some time to upload and put keywords for it but i you can try it out it may be something that works for you.

By the way, put the title, description and keywords through photoshop, and it will be embedded into jpg, and most website can read it when you upload, it saves time!

Just try out the first 4 website by sequences.. there are tons of website but i don’t think there are enough buyers in those website. It just ends up wasting time.

1. Dreamstime
This is a website with good traffic and easy for beginner, you can just start to upload your images once register. Good website layout and it can really sell.

2. Shutterstock

For shutterstock, there are 2 website, is for buyer, is for contributors.

This is number 1 website in earning for most microstock contributors, however you need to submit 10 images for approval, once you are accepted you are allowed to upload. It is really successful since the sales is almost everyday.

3. Istockphoto

This is first microstock website and is quite successful for some contributors. It requires 3 images for qualitification test too. Once approved you can upload too. But it seems more strict and rejects simple or too common images.

4. Fotolia

This is also one of the BIG 4 website, but it is very strict about images quality, and none of my negative scanned images are accepted. However, i do see some sales in this website too.

the next two can be considered if you have done with the above 4.

5. 123rf
I only have little sales on this website, part of the reason is a small porfolio, but still got sales.

6. bigstockphoto
It is also one of the website that can generate some sales for most contributors.

you can earn some $ by contributing to microstock is my quick summary.

1. Shutterstock, it is the site that most people should start with.  It seems many traffic and sales are much higher comparing to other website. It may sell at $0.25 if buyer using subscription, however the sales number are much higher comparing to other website.

2. Dreamstime, just register and you can start uploading without ‘passing an review of your photos’. Do see some sales and the website is alive and continuously improving.

3. Istockphoto, do see some sales too, but the requirement of images and illustration to be accepted is getting strict. The uploading method is a bit troublesome.

4. Fotolia is also worth to upload, the traffic is there so there are sales. However, the interface is not that user friendly. If your uploads are rejected, you will just received a message in email and your fotolia account (click ‘contact support’) that telling your the image id that got rejected. You have to match the id number in order to know the reason of rejection.

123RF, bigstockphoto, canstockphoto.., cutcaster..blah blah..the sales are zero or too low for me to spend time.

There is a newcomer,, it attracts contributors by offering $0.20 for every accepted image. Remember to read the instruction since you need to ‘activate’ this promotion. I am still pending for the application at this moment, will update how is it.

If you are just starting in this microstock, just go for this 4 websites. It won’t be wrong. You can click the banner link at the side to register.

Remember to scan a passport or ID for registration, you need to upload them as identification.

Leave me message if you have any questions.