Currencies paid by microstock agencies.

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With the weakness of US currency and Tax on US sales for some countries, one may need to take note the difference among all agencies. The mentioned Tax is taxed on US sales for countries with non-treaty to US. Check this link for country that had treaty with US, here.

Agencies that Paid in US$ and Tax for US sales:

Shutterstock: US$-Moneybookers/Paypal (Tax-yes)
Dreamstime: US$-Moneybookers/Paypal (Tax-yes)
Bigstock: US$-Moneybookers/Paypal (Tax-yes)
Veer: US$-Paypal (Tax-yes)
fotolia: US$/EURO/UK Pounds-Moneybookers/Paypal (Tax – yes), If you want to get paid in EURO or UK Pounds, please remember to register through a EUROPEAN or UK fotolia website, however it seems sometimes the website will direct you to US based webpage, so just watch out.

Agencies that Paid in US$ not holding tax for US sales:

istock: US$-Moneybookers/Paypal (Tax-No) US$-Moneybookers/Paypal (Tax-No) US$-Moneybookers/Paypal (Tax-No)
Canstock: US$-Moneybookers/Paypal (Tax-No)
Depositphotos: US$-Moneybookers/Paypal (Tax-No)
Crestock: US$-Paypal (Tax-No)
Cutcaster: US$-Moneybookers/Paypal (Tax-No)

Agencies that Paid in EURO and not holding tax for US sales:

Zoonar: EURO – Paypal (Tax-No) EURO – Paypal (Tax-No)
Panthermedia: EURO – Paypal (Tax-No)

One more thing you can get paid more is by using Moneybookers(1.99%), It has a better exchange rate than Paypal(2.5%). However, Moneybookers can only keep one currency, instead of like Paypal keeping multiple currencies. Remember to choose a location that your bank is located when registered to Moneybookers.

I end up using Moneybookers for all US based agencies, and keep the paypal for some EURO payment.

check out both:

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

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