What microstock websites, other than big 4, are still worth to submit?

Posted: October 18, 2010 in Uncategorized

other than those big 4 microstock agencies ( shutterstock, dreamstime, fotolia and istock), what websites are still worth to submit?

1. 123rf.com
Sales are started to pick up after first few months.

2. yaymicro.com
An agency that is actively promoting its portfolio and easy uploading.

3. graphicleftovers.com
If you are an illustrators, what are you waiting for? it accept eps vector, psd file format and you can set your own price and with 52% commissions. It is an agency that pays fair to contributors. Yes, i do have sale just in first month!

4. canstock
it does have some sales once in a while, there are big commission sales from fotosearch partnership.

there are tons of stock website out there..and there are newcomers every days? but i suggest you use those major one i had mentioned here to build up your portfolio. Some agencies will offer cash for uploading your portfolio, and you will be ready at that time.

One thing I observed recently, is the tax on US sales for those US based agencies. It is 0% to some countries and can be as high as 30% to some other countries like mine. I got no idea why i have to pay tax to US..and 30%? at the same time the US currency is getting weak.

anyway, keep building up your portfolio, it is always something can generate you cash, especially in this digital era.


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