you can earn some $ by contributing to microstock is my quick summary.

1. Shutterstock, it is the site that most people should start with.  It seems many traffic and sales are much higher comparing to other website. It may sell at $0.25 if buyer using subscription, however the sales number are much higher comparing to other website.

2. Dreamstime, just register and you can start uploading without ‘passing an review of your photos’. Do see some sales and the website is alive and continuously improving.

3. Istockphoto, do see some sales too, but the requirement of images and illustration to be accepted is getting strict. The uploading method is a bit troublesome.

4. Fotolia is also worth to upload, the traffic is there so there are sales. However, the interface is not that user friendly. If your uploads are rejected, you will just received a message in email and your fotolia account (click ‘contact support’) that telling your the image id that got rejected. You have to match the id number in order to know the reason of rejection.

123RF, bigstockphoto, canstockphoto.., cutcaster..blah blah..the sales are zero or too low for me to spend time.

There is a newcomer,, it attracts contributors by offering $0.20 for every accepted image. Remember to read the instruction since you need to ‘activate’ this promotion. I am still pending for the application at this moment, will update how is it.

If you are just starting in this microstock, just go for this 4 websites. It won’t be wrong. You can click the banner link at the side to register.

Remember to scan a passport or ID for registration, you need to upload them as identification.

Leave me message if you have any questions.


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